Roles & Responsibilities: 
User Experience Design for Brand Style Guide, Abandoned cart, Product photography, Email Marketing
Produced user experience recommendations for Glow website, taking into account user needs and user journeys to execute less complex shopping efforts. I weekly participate in brainstormin' and other collaborative sessions alongside multidisciplinary Glow Beauty Group teams, contributing to brand insight and innovation.
High Abandon Cart Rate
New to the beauty Industry Glow Beauty Group is making gains building a unique customer base. After pouring massive amount of resources into social media and display ad, Glow’s team was growing frustrated with the abandon cart rate continually climbing. After completing a survey we learned that customers need to feel they can trust this new beauty brand. Talking with key stakeholder, I walked them through the customer journey from seeing the ad on Facebook to the shopping cart. I was able to point out key pain points for the customer. Buttons were not consistent. Each channel was using different brand colors. Also photography could use some updates. Also I explained to the team by using a different freelancers to build design assets , this was causing a distrust amongst potential buyers. There was no brand cohesiveness across social, web, email and ads.  One of the first steps was to create a style guide for all channels to utilize.
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